SEND - Special Educational Needs/ Disabilities

Special Educational Needs/ Disabilities

We want all children to feel like they can succeed and work to the best of their abilities.  Some children find learning harder while others find learning very easy.  We have a member of staff whose role it is to make sure that all children are given the help and support that they need, whether that’s setting small step targets in a classroom or giving some extra help in a smaller group or making the work harder so that it challenges the child. This person is Mr Ahmed our SENCo. He is responsible for working with the teachers, parents and others as necessary to make sure that children are receiving the right sort of help.

We believe that children with additional needs should have access to a broad and balanced education as all children are entitled to and that the needs of each child must be catered for across the whole curriculum.  The child's needs will be carefully assessed and provision will be made to meet those needs.  If those needs change, then the provision to meet them will change accordingly.

Lots of children will have some sort of special need at some time during their stay with us and often those needs are met easily through our normal teaching.  However, whenever a child’s needs prove more complicated then we will seek advice from help outside school from other professionals. This step will be discussed with parents.

It is part of the SENDCo’s role to make sure that more able children are supported and challenged in their learning.


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SEND Information Report


Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Policy

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