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Cottesbrooke Infant & Nursery School

An Academy

"Caring... Inspiring... Nurturing... Successful"

Vision Statement

Our aim is to provide a Caring, Inspiring, Nurturing and Successful school.


In doing so we will strive to develop positive life skills for everyone to enjoy taking an active and effective role in our changing world.

Strategic Plan 2018 – 2023

The strategic plan is a long-term plan, extending over a period of 5 years, from 2018-2023. It sets out the school’s vision, values and long-term strategic priorities. It is aimed at the key stakeholders in the school; children and their parents, staff, governors and other stakeholders. The plan will be reviewed annually at the first Governing Body meeting of the school year. It will be revised every 3 years, whilst maintaining a long-term perspective, extending over 5 years.



What will this look like?

Strengthen involvement between the school, parents and community

·      Develop opportunities to engage with parents

·      Listen, respond and inform with timely and effective means of communication

·      Strengthen engagement between the school and other local settings


Improve the quality of teaching so that it meets the needs of all learners

·      Engaged learners who thrive and attain

·      Learners who are challenged

·      Staff feel confident in sharing practice and are self-reflective

·      Robust performance management


To ensure children make and exceed expected progress

·      All groups of children achieve including most able children, special educational needs/ disability, children         with a first language other than English

·      Disadvantaged children perform as well as their peers

·      Regularly monitor and evaluate pupil progress data to ascertain whether all students make rapid and                 sustained progress


School is well led and managed with all levels of leadership being effective including strong governance

·      Develop efficient and effective processes for the governing body to support and monitor the Leadership             Team.

·      School leadership at all levels are confident in leading, monitoring and challenging

·      Planned succession of governors and leadership


Continue strong financial management

·      Oversee, monitor and implement strong financial control

·      Investigate and develop alternative funding streams

·      Ensure robust strategies are in place that mitigate potential financial difficulties


Develop the curriculum further

·      Provide a broad and balanced curriculum that is relevant to our children

·      Spiritual, moral, social, cultural elements (SMSC) virtues and values throughout the curriculum supporting         social skills and a positive attitude to learning


Continue to be an employer of choice

·      Strong commitment to personal and professional development through personalised training

·      Strong commitment to the health, welfare and safeguarding of our staff

·      Commitment to favourable terms and conditions


All children are safe and know how to keep themselves safe

·      Maintain and improve robust safeguarding procedures

·      Become a UNICEF Rights Respecting school

·      No one feels like an outsider irrespective of gender, age, disability, race/nationality, religion, gender                     identity or sexual orientation

·      Ongoing cycle of training relating to all areas of safeguarding

·      Parents bring their children to school every possible day