Cottesbrooke Infant School Supporters is a voluntary organisation that is run by a group of parents, friends, relatives and staff. As a committee we strive to keep a balance between fundraising and social events, hoping to create an atmosphere of community as much as fundraising for necessary equipment for the  school. All parents of children in Cottesbrooke Infant & Nursery School automatically become members and all help is welcomed.

Historically, we have  donated a significant amount of money to school which has been used to subsidise the refurbishment of the  playground, i.e. provide astroturf, planters and plants which all the children can enjoy and paid a contribution towards the Animal Man. CISS has organised a variety of fund raising events over the years including car boot sales, Summer Carnival, Christmas Fair, Mother’s and Father’s Day secret gifts, discos and competitions. As an organisation our  overall aim is to support and enhance the social and educational development of the children. We endeavour to offer as many opportunities as possible for your children but we can only do this with your help and support.


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