Home Learning Overview

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Home Learning 

Our teachers are setting Home Learning tasks for each year group regularly.  To access these tasks click the curriculum ball above, then Home Learning, then your child's year group.  To access these tasks from a mobile or tablet click menu and scroll down to Home Learning.  The teacher's emails have also been provided for support.


Tips for successful home learning

The best way to help children aged 4 to 7 learn is to:

  • sit with them as they work
  • do active and practical things, rather than trying to make them sit and listen for long periods
  • try to break down the work into shorter periods, based on how long they can concentrate
  • take frequent breaks
  • praise or reward them when they do well  



Talk with your child throughout the day and explain new words. For example, discuss the things you’re doing and pick out words that might be new to them.


Reading together

When you read with your child try to:

  • express the emotion in the story
  • give colour to the characters using voices, tone and pace
  • discuss the things you’re reading
  • explain any new words and ask your child to say them out loud

You can make a story more interesting and help your child develop their understanding of a book by linking what you’re reading to real life. For example, while reading about Cinderella going to the ball, talk about how a ball is similar to a birthday party.

Ask your child questions about what you’re reading as you go. For example:

  • ask some questions that only need a short answer, such as what colour something is, or the name of a character
  • ask some questions that need a longer answer, such as how a character is feeling
  • ask them to tell you what has happened in the story so far and what might happen next 


Useful website links & resources

Click here for Phonics lessons

Click for online classroom & resource hub

Click for BBC Bitesize

List of Useful Learning Websites

Picture & words to help you communicate with your child


At Cottesbrooke, we believe learning opportunities are everywhere. The TRUST ideas will help parents and  children with ideas for home learning. Please see the TRUST poster below for more information.


If you would like to access the TRUST ideas poster for home learning in a range of other languages then please click on the following links below and download them.

The poster is available in Bengali, Lithuanian, Polish, Punjabi & Urdu.

Helping_Home_Learning_Talk_with_TRUST_simple_infographic_POLISH.pdf .pdf
Helping_Home_Learning_Talk_with_TRUST_simple_infographic_URDU.pdf .pdf
Helping_Home_Learning_Talk_with_TRUST_simple_infographic_LITHUANIAN.pdf .pdf
Helping_Home_Learning_Talk_with_TRUST_simple_infographic_BENGALI.pdf .pdf
Helping_Home_Learning_Talk_with_TRUST_simple_infographic_PUNJABI.pdf .pdf