Reading and Phonics


The ability to read is vital to all that children do and we place a great emphasis on reading right from the start.  Children are taught the skills required for reading from Nursery, and from Reception onwards, parents are involved in helping children to learn letter sounds (phonics) and key words.       

We are keen that parents are involved in the teaching of reading and have developed a home reading programme to help children to learn to read using a range of materials.   From Reception onwards, every child is given a reading book which parents are expected to share with and help their child to read.  These books are suitably matched to pupils’ phonics and reading ability enabling them to practise the skills taught in school.  As children progress through the phonics programme (Read Write Inc), pupils will bring home the book which they have been working on that week to share with an adult and an additional corresponding Book Bag book that has not been read in school, but matches the phonics taught during their lessons that week. This book provides children with more of a challenge. 

We encourage all of our children to join the school’s lending library and return books on a weekly basis.  This book is for an adult to share with the child at home - the children are NOT expected to be able to read their library book.  As parents, we would hope that you would help to provide opportunities for children to experience a wide variety of books and a variety of styles through visits to the library or books purchased for your own collection.  Please understand how important this partnership is and make sure that your child does not miss out.  A parents’ meeting early during your child’s Reception year will help to clarify many aspects of learning to read and how you can help.