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Covid 19

The Government would like schools to open all children from September.  Please read the Government's Guidance to Parents and Carers HERE


Please read our letter to parents about the school opening fully and keep scrolling for Frequently Asked Questions:

This information was last updated 15th July 2020      This information was last updated 15th July 2020     This information was last updated 15th July 2020

Partial School Return COVID 19 EYFS

Covid 19 - Full Opening Risk Assessment

Infectious Diseases COVID19 Office Staff Risk Assessment

Addendum to H&S Policy May 2020

Covid 19 Risk Assessment for school Kitchen

Frequently Asked Questions:

What time does school start?

  • There will be staggered start and finish times for each class.  This will mean that the children can wash their hands as they come in to school and there are fewer people around the school at any one time
    • Nursery and Year 2 children will enter through the school drive gate on Yardley Road – Gate 1. Year 2 will enter school through the Hall door.  This will be signposted.
    • Year 1 will enter through the first playground gate as you walk down Cottesbrook Road – Gate 2
    • Reception children will enter through the middle gate on Cottesbrook Road (near the climbing frame) - Gate 3


Drop off


Nursery morning/ fulltime

8.30 – 8.45

11.15 – 11.30

Nursery afternoon

12.30 – 12.45

3.15 - 3.30




Reception Caterpillars

8.45 – 8.55

2.45 – 2.55

Reception Dragonflies

8.55 – 9.05

2.55 - 3.05

Reception Ladybirds

9.05 - 9.15

3.05 - 3.15




Year 1 Dolphins

8.45 – 8.55

2.45 – 2.55

Year 1 Penguins

8.55 – 9.05

2.55 - 3.05

Year 1 Sharks

9.05 - 9.15

3.05 - 3.15




Year 2 Lions

8.45 – 8.55

2.45 – 2.55

Year 2 Panthers

8.55 – 9.05

2.55 - 3.05

Year 2 Tigers

9.05 - 9.15

3.05 - 3.15


What will the children be learning?

  • Children will be learning the whole curriculum including art and PE but there will be big focus on reading, writing and maths and personal and social education and wellbeing (including staying healthy)

Are parents allowed on to the premises?

  • With the exception of the school drive and main foyer, parents will not be allowed on to the school site unless prior arrangements have been made.  If you need to contact the school office, please call 0121 706 2742.  If you need to contact your child’s teacher, please telephone school or use your child’s teacher’s email which is available on our website – just click on the picture of your child’s class at the top of the homepage

How big are the groups?

  • The children will be taught in their classes mostly but we have made the decision that children will be in year group ‘bubbles’.  This will mean that we can group the children to teach them effectively for things like phonics and have year group assemblies.  They will not mix with children in other year groups

Where will they be taught?

  • The children will be taught in their classrooms mostly but we have reserved extra rooms for small group teaching which will only be used by the year group.  The children will use the hall for PE but it will be cleaned after each year group uses it.  Children in Nursery and Reception will use the outdoor classroom but not at the same time.

I have children in different classes.  Do I have to queue twice to drop them off and collect them?

  • You will have to queue twice to drop off and collect children from different year groups although we reserve the right to offer some flexibility on a case by case basis.  Where siblings are in the same year group but not in the same class, we will allow parents to send their children in at the same time and collect at the same time.

Will they be doing PE? Do they need a PE kit?

  • The children will be taking part in physical activity.  We would ask that you send the children in to school in PE clothes on their PE day.

Who will be teaching them?

  • Each class has a teacher and at least one teaching assistant.  There will be one lunchtime supervisor per class.  Mrs Moss delivers creative activities such as Art and Design and Technology and Jack, our sports coach, will be supporting physical activity throughout the school but they will obey social distancing guidelines.

What do they need to wear?

  • We would prefer the children to wear school uniform, however, where possible we would request that your child wears fresh clean clothes each day to minimise the risk of transmitting the virus if it is on clothing.  We would also recommend that you change your child’s clothes when they arrive home from school.  We will allow named sun hats and a change of clothes in case of accidents.

Do the children need to bring anything with them?

  • No.  Everything (stationary, food, water bottles, snack, etc.) is provided by school.  The only exception to this is that the children may bring in sun cream which they will have to apply themselves under the supervision of an adult, but the bottle should remain at school and not transported backwards and forwards each day.  It would be far preferable if parents could apply day long sun cream at the beginning of the day so that children do not even need to bring this.

What about lunchtime?

  • The children will be asked to order their lunch during morning registration.  The menu is available on the school website.  The meals will be prepared on site by our caterers, Aspens, and will be plated up.  Children will be taken to the dining room by their lunchtime supervisor a class at a time.  The dining room can accommodate a whole year group with each class sitting at their own long table.  The children will sit at the dining tables at allocated spaces and the lunchtime supervisor will bring the plated meal to the children.  The children will eat, leave together and the seats, tables and any touch points will be wiped down.  The next year group will then be brought down.  The children will play in their group on the playground or in their classroom.

I have been getting supermarket vouchers, will they continue?

  • Some families who are entitled to certain benefits are able to claim for Free School Meals (FSM) and were issued with £15 per week per child supermarket vouchers in order to help feed their children during lockdown. These vouchers were provided by the Government and administered by the school.   All children who attend school will have a free school dinner.  Vouchers will no longer be available.

What hygiene practices are you following?

  • We will ask staff and children to walk through a solution of disinfectant as they arrive at school, they will then need to sanitise and wash their hands when they get in to school.  There will be a supply of tissues available and periodically through the day the adults and children will wash their hands – particularly before eating and coming in from outside.  As per the government guidance, windows will be kept open to allow the circulation of air and we will encourage everyone not to touch their face.

Will the children be safe?

  • The children will be looked after and cared for as well as they always have been at Cottesbrooke.  However we cannot ever guarantee that your child will not contract any illness if they attend school.  We will be putting all the Governments advice on lowering the risk of contracting the virus in place, such as regular handwashing, catch it, kill it, bin it, cleaning more frequently, etc. as much as is practically possible.

Will you make sure that children wash their hands?

  • Yes.  The children and staff will wash their hands regularly and use hand sanitiser if hand washing is not available.  The school has had outdoor sinks installed in both playgrounds to aid us in this.  Children will be accompanied to the bathrooms if they need the toilet and reminded how to wash their hands afterwards.

Will the children and staff be social distancing?

  • Staff will be instructed to social distance and children will be encouraged to social distance but the Government’s guidance on social distancing for primary schools is that young children cannot be expected to social distance from adults or each other.  In Nursery and Reception children will have activities spread more widely apart but part of the importance of early years education is socialising and speaking to others and this cannot be done at a distance of two metres and staff will not demand that they do so.  In Year 1 and 2, children will be taught at tables which will be spread out. The children will have their own resources and will not share.  They will be reminded about social distancing at playtime but they may end up playing with each other more closely than 2 metres.  The fact that these children are in bubbles who will only come into contact with each other and their assigned staff member(s) is a way of social distancing.

Can my child wear a mask in school? What about PPE?

  • No.  The guidance states that children and staff should not wear masks or face coverings at school.  The school does have a supply of PPE; masks, visors, aprons, gloves, sleeves but these are specifically for staff dealing with children who have suspected COVID 19 and for cleaning down the room later.  Some staff may wear some PPE following an individual risk assessment.

My child/ someone in my household has an underlying health condition and is shielding.  Should I send my child to school?

  • You should follow any medical advice that you have been given regarding shielding.  We would also ask that parents keep us informed of any health issues in their household or with their child.

Will there still be assemblies?

  • Unfortunately there will be no weekly or special assemblies that parents can attend at the moment.  We are looking at options that would enable us to hold special assemblies online.  We are planning to hold our weekly Celebration Assemblies virtually in classrooms.

What if someone at school gets Coronavirus?

  • If anyone becomes unwell with the symptoms of coronavirus at school, they will be sent home and advised to follow Public Health England’s ‘COVID-19: guidance for households with possible coronavirus infection’.  The school will notify Public Health England that a person in school has shown possible symptoms and they will advise the school on the best course of action.  Staff or children sent home will be told to book a COVID-19 test by calling 119 and will not be able to return until the outcome has been verified as negative or until at least 7 days after they began showing symptoms if the outcome is positive.  If the outcome of the test is positive, Public Health England will advise the school.  It may mean that the year group or ‘bubble’ that the child or staff member has been working in will be sent home and told to isolate for 14 days from when the infected person began to show symptoms.  Any siblings that attend the school may also need to isolate.

Will you still be providing home learning?

  • Yes.  Staff will continue to set home learning via our website.  This will ensure that learning will be as seamless as possible if groups are told to isolate.  Children in school will be able to bring items home, such as school reading books or sheets.  Items such as reading books will be placed in quarantine for a period of time before being sent out again.

Do I have to send my child to school?

  • Yes.  The law states that children must attend school the term following their fifth birthday.  The Government have asked schools to encourage parents to send their children to school and have stated that parents may be fined if they decide not to send their children to school.

Parents are standing and chatting at the school gate, can you do something?

  • Parents are discouraged from meeting and blocking thoroughfares around the school.  We would ask that parents do meet away from the school to alleviate some stresses and anxieties that this behaviour can cause.

Will your before and after school club (Kids’ Club) be running?  I have childcare issues.

  • We would very much like to reopen Kids’ Club; however we need to gauge interest so that we can perform the necessary risk assessments and decide whether reopening Kids’ Club is viable.  Please as a matter of urgency contact Liz on 07967810779 if this is something that you require. Parents may need to find alternative childcare at this time.