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W.B. 21/9/20

 If you would like to contact your child's teacher by email:

Dolphins: a.highfield@cottesbrooke-inf.bham.sch.uk - Mrs Highfield

Penguins: f.ahmed@cottesbrooke-inf.bham.sch.uk - Mr Ahmed

Sharks: c.mcnickle-edwards@cottesbrooke-inf.bham.sch.uk - Mrs McNickle-Edwards

Staff will not be replying to emails after 6pm and on weekends.


Online Learning - Week Beginning 21.9.20






English - Activity 1 (Writing)

WALT: Write about who is in my family.

Draw a picture of the people you live with, this can include any pets you may have. Once you have drawn your family can you add labels to them so that we know who is in your picture. Then, can you write a couple of simple sentences telling me some interesting information about your family.

English - Activity 2 (Phonics)

Read the sounds on the Speed Sounds Chart below. If you are unsure of any of these sounds get an adult to help you learn them. Keep going over the unfamiliar sounds.

Now have a go at reading these words;

in       am       red       bin       yes

Challenge: Can you say the sounds these letters make?

ch    ng    nk    qu     sh     th

If you can say the above sounds, have a go at reading these words. You can use Fred talk to help you.

chip    shop     jump     that

fas    gip   guk    rab 

English - Activity 3 (Writing)

Look at the pictures, choose 2/ 3 pictures. Can you either write labels for the objects you see in the pictures or write a sentence explaining what is happening in the picture.

English - Activity 4 (Writing)

Using the letter formation template (see below) have a go at forming the uppercase (capital) letters and lowercase (smaller) letters correctly. Use the arrows on the template to help you start in the correct place. Once you have formed the letters correctly, have a go at writing them without the template in your home learning book. 


Maths notebook

Science PowerPoint

Science Activity

Computing PowerPoint

PSHE Story

PSHE - Helping Hand Activity