Year 1

If you would like to contact your child's teacher by email:

Dolphins: - Mrs Highfield

Penguins: - Mr Ahmed

Sharks: - Mrs Marway

Azealia and her sister used boxes to make this fantastic maze for her pet rats Scabber and Rapunzal. It looks like you had lots of fun girls - and I think the rats enjoyed it too - well done!  

Kelsha has enjoyed her lockdown birthday and has been working hard to learn about the seasons, nouns and adjectives. She has also been counting in 10's - fantastic work Kelsha!

Aayan has been working hard to form his letters correctly and to write sentences at home. Well done Aayan!

Jaira Has been busy with school work. Well done Jaira!

 Online Learning - Week Beginning 18.5.20

Hello Dolphins, Penguins and Sharks. We hope you enjoyed learning about Mammals last week and learning about number bonds to 10 and 20. Remember to email your teacher pictures of your work or what you are doing at home for us to add to the website - I'm sure your friends would love to see what you've been doing!



This week we will be learning about the animal group - Birds! Watch the video below to learn facts about birds. Can you make a fact file or information leaflet about birds?  Things to consider for your fact file or information leaflet...

** Do birds give birth to their young or lay eggs?

** Can all birds fly? (perhaps you could choose two birds and compare them?)

** What are the key features that identify birds?

** Do all birds eat the same things? 

** Can you add drawings of some of the birds you've chosen to write about?

These are just a few ideas - we can't wait to see what you choose to create!


Below are some pictures of birds. Choose at least one picture and look at it carefully. Can you write captions for the picture? Think about adjectives that you could use to describe the picture e.g. bright, long, tall, colourful etc. Can you then write some sentences about the picture using adjectives and the connective word 'and' to link your ideas? Remember - use you capital letters, finger spaces and full stops.  

P.E. - Let's get moving!

Today we are going to do the Penguin Dance. Have fun!


Let's begin by warming up ou


This week in Maths we will be comparing length and height, weight and mass. 

Follow the link to the White Rose Website to watch the daily videos, and use the BBC Bite-size link for each lesson. What objects can you find around your house to measure? Can you weigh ingredients/objects to find heavier and lighter objects? 


History is where we learn about important events and people from the past. We are going to be learning about a very important lady from history - Florence Nightingale. Watch the video below to learn who Florence Nightingale was and why she is an important figure from history.

History and PSHE

Florence Nightingale was a clever and caring woman who helped a lot of people. She understood the importance of good hygiene and this has influenced the way our health care is today. Our NHS ensure that they care for people within hospitals that are clean, warm and friendly, continuing the spirit of Florence Nightingale.

Can you write a list of ways that our doctors and nurses and hospital workers care for sick people?  


Make a salt dough Rainbow 
Makes 1 ball of salt dough

Prep 10 minutes
Cook 3 hours

  • 1 cupful of plain flour (about 250g)

  • half a cupful of table salt (about 125g)
  • half a cupful of water (about 125ml)
Mix all of the ingredients in the recipe to make a ball of salt dough. Split it into 7 smaller balls then roll each ball into a sausage and bend them round to make a rainbow. Bake in the oven at the lowest possible temperature for about 3 hours or until it is hard and dry. When it is cool, paint your rainbow and display it in your window for everyone to see. Don't forget to send us a picture!


Mia has enjoyed grouping her toy animals and finding those that are mammals - good work Mia!


(Year 1 - Katherine has been having fun learning at home)

Online Learning - Week Beginning 11.5.20

Hello Dolphins, Penguins and Sharks! We hope you are well and staying safe. It would be lovely to see photo's of the things you have been doing at home to add to our website. We hope you enjoy this weeks activities.  



This week we are learning about Mammals. Watch the video below to remind yourself of the features of mammals. Can you write a fact file about the key features that mammals have? Can you include different animals that are mammals and write about where they live or what they like to eat?


 Watch the clip below and learn more about one particular mammal; the lion! When you have watched the clip, see if you can answer the following questions...

  1. Are lions Herbivores, Omnivores or Carnivores?
  2. How many lions are normally within a pride?
  3. Which country do these lions live in?
  4. Why did the lion climb the tree?
  5. What did the lion want to eat?

Remember to answer in full sentences using capital letters, finger spaces and full stops.  


P.E. - Let's get moving!

Time for yoga with Cosmic Kids. we're going on a jungle safari. 


 This week we will be recap our number bonds to 10 and then use our number bonds to 10 to help us with our number bonds to 20.

Follow the link to the White Rose website and watch the video for lesson 1. Then complete the questions. 

Design & Technology

Design and make your own Rainbow Fruit Salad. What ingredients will you include? How many different coloured fruits can you use?

Here are some ideas...

Red - strawberries

Orange- satsumas

Yellow- melon

Green- kiwi

Blue- blueberries

Purple- grapes


Cut the fruits up carefully with help from a grown up and arrange them in a bowl. Take a photo of your fruit salad and email it to your teacher. Yum Yum!



Online Learning - week beginning 4/5/20

Hello Dolphins, Penguins and Sharks, we hope you are safe and well doing lots of creative and interesting things at home!

This week for maths we thought it would be exciting to learn all about how to compare lengths and heights of objects. There is an exciting video to show you what to do and an activity to complete afterwards. First click on this link below to get you started. 

Activity 2 - Video - As you are watching the video you will need to find things around your home and get the people you live with to join in too.

You will need to find 3 objects that are taller than you, 3 objects that are shorter than you and have a go at ordering objects from tallest to shortest.

Activity 4 - Quiz - Want to see how well you remembered everything you learnt today? Take the quiz and find out. 

If you would like to take pictures when you're comparing lengths and heights of objects around your homes and are happy for them to be on the website, email them to us on the emails provided at the top of this page and we will add them next time.

We hope you have lots of fun comparing!


Try the Year 1 English lesson on Sam's Sandwich from The National Academy!  Perhaps you could email a photo of some of the work that you have done this week.


Design & Technology

Design and make your own healthy sandwich. What ingredients will you include? Take a photo of you making your sandwich and email it to your teacher.  


Mia had fun ordering her toys from the tallest to the shortest - great Maths work Mia!


Fatimah had a go at ordering objects from around the house - excellent sorting Fatimah!


VE Day

Friday 8th May 2020 is a special day. It is known as VE day because it is 75 years since the end of World War 2. Click on the slide below to see why it is an important event and to learn more about it.