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W.B. 21/9/20

If you would like to contact your child's teacher by email:

Caterpillars: l.hodgson@cottesbrooke-inf.bham.sch.uk - Mrs Hodgson

Dragonflies: a.gunning@cottesbrooke-inf.bham.sch.uk - Mr Gunning

Ladybirds: s.wadhams@cottesbrooke-inf.bham.sch.uk - Mrs Wadhams (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday)

Ladybirds: a.butt@cottesbrooke-inf.bham.sch.uk - Mrs Butt (Thursday, Friday)

Staff will not be replying to emails after 6pm and on weekends.


Reception Home Learning from the 21st September 2020

Dear children,

We are sorry that you are not here with us and we hope that we will see you again soon.

This week we are continuing to read Owl Babies by Martin Waddell and our theme is: Getting to know you..

Here is what we are learning to do in reception this week. Please try really hard to do some learning at home each day. We are looking forward to seeing all your efforts in your Home Learning book.

Please find below the planning and resources you will need this week. If you need a paper copy of these please contact the school office.

Please continue reading to the end of this page and I will show you some of the things you have in your home learning pack.

Please contact your teacher at the above email address if you want to share your work or if you need help with your learning.  Maybe your parent will send us a photograph of you learning and playing, we would love to see all the fun things you are doing.

Here is the focused learning we will be doing in class this week.

When you are at school you will work with a teacher or teaching assistant to do these activities. When you are at home you will need an adult or a big brother or sister to help you with your work. We really want to see your home learning books so that we can see what you been learning, give you extra help if you need it and to give you lots of praise for all of your hard work at home.


Here are the resources you can use to support your work:

Monday's Phonics

Tuesday's Phonics 

Wednesday's Phonics

Thursday's Phonics

Friday's Phonics 

Here is what's in your home learning wallet:

Please bring this back to school with you on your first day back to school. We are looking forward to reading and marking your Home learning book with you and talking to you about your next steps. We will even put some new resources in there for you. What else would you like to see in there? Please let us know and we will try are hardest to put them in there for you.

Here is what we are going to be playing with in the indoor and outdoor environment this week. These are extra ideas you might like to try at home or in your garden. Please remember learning something new is lots of fun so please have lots of fun at home.