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W.B. 28/9/20

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Dear Children,

This week the theme is Using Our Senses and the book is Guess How Much I Love You by Sam McBratney. Here is what we will be learning this week and the resources you will need.

Communication and Language

After reading our book of the week:

Can you talk about some one who is bigger than you?  Is there something they can do that you would like to get better at?

Or someone who is smaller than you?  Is there something you can do, that you could help someone else get better at? 



Physical Development

Collect leaves and practice cutting shapes.  Remember to hold the scissors with your thumb and pointy finger.



Practice our please and thank you song, sung to the tune of Frere Jacques.


Please and thank you, please and thank you,

Is what we say, is what we say,

When we ask for something, when we ask for something,

Everyday, everyday.



Retell Guess How much I Love You using these stick puppets.  Print or draw the two rabbits and use the words small and big while retelling the story together.



Can you repeat these patterns on the scarves?

Which colour do we need next? 

Can you point to the colour or say the word?

Understanding the World

Go on an Autumn walk and collect things you see.  Talk about the textures of the objects.  Conkers - smooth, conker case- spiky, leaves - wrinkly, pine cones rough.

Can they find more objects with the same texture?


Art and Design

Collect leaves of different shapes that have fallen.  These can be used for printing with paint.  Paint the bumpy side of the leaf, turn over and press down on paper. Peel off to see the leaf pattern. 

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