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 From January 2021 onwards please refer to ClassDojo for Home Learning, thank you.


If you would like to contact your child's teacher by email:

g.armstrong@cottesbrooke-inf.bham.sch.uk for Mrs Armstrong

j.giles@cottesbrooke-inf.bham.sch.uk for Mrs Giles

Staff will not be replying to emails after 6pm and on weekends.


Hello Spiders and Butterflies

We hope you are all keeping safe and well. We will be putting up some different activities that you can do at home and would love to see any pictures of what you have done, just email the pictures to your teacher and we might even put them on the website! All of your teachers can't wait to hear from you and hopefully see you back at school when it is safe to return. Below are a few activities that you can try and we will be updating them through the week so check back often to see what is new.  At the bottom are some wonderful pictures of what your friends have been doing at home! We have a little booklet about going back to school after the lock down which could be nice for the children to have a look at and fill in if they are coming back to school in June this will be kept near the top of the page.

Mrs Armstrong, Mrs Giles, Mrs Smyth and Mrs Jones are all missing you lots and we love seeing your emails and chatting to you on the phone!

Home Learning
Twinkl is offering free access to their resoruces at this time to access them Go to https://www.twinkl.co.uk/offer Enter the code CVDTWINKLHELPS and your own email and password
At the bottom of the page there will be slides and other activities that you can do with your children as well as the ideas listed below.

Some new activities you could try this week:

-Have a look around your house and find two things that you think will float and two things that you think will sink.  Ask your adult to help you test them in some water.  Were you right?

-Listen to the song ‘Under the Sea’ from the Little Mermaid.


Have a go at creating dance to go with the sing or maybe you could create your own under the seas music to accompany the song.

-Imagine you have found a shell.  You can have one wish.  Draw a picture to show what your wish would be.

-A crab moves on all fours, from side to side.  Can you  move like a crab?  Move from one side of the room to the other.  How many times can you get from one side of your room and back again in a minute.  Practice each day and see if you can improve your personal best.


-Make a fruit salad.

-Make shadow animals

-Play eye spy.

-Draw or collect things in a basket that start with 'a'

-Odd One Out-Put out three objects or pictures, two with names that rhyme and one that does not. Using a spy tube, [ kitchen roll holder or similar], use to identify the object that doesn’t rhyme by chanting, ‘Give me a shout what’s the odd one out?’ Repeat with other rhyming pairs

-What is your favourite bedtime story? Can you retell part of it?




Home Learning
Twinkl is offering free access to their resoruces at this time to access them Go to https://www.twinkl.co.uk/offer Enter the code CVDTWINKLHELPS and your own email and password
At the bottom of the page there will be slides and other activities that you can do with your children as well as the ideas listed below.

Some new activities you could try this week:

There are some new files below to try!

  • Watch and listen to Come Outside



How many of these challenges can you complete?


Shape hunt!

Have a look around your house for circles, squares, triangles and rectangles. Maybe you'll see some hiding in your kitchen cupboards! Can you spot a circle on the top of a can of soup? Can you see a rectangle on a cereal box?

Once you have found some shapes, practise drawing round them on to some paper. Can you make a picture using the shapes you have found? 


Have a go at making some playdough. Roll it out and make some shape prints using the things you have found at home. 





Create a ‘rainmaker.’ You will need:

-       A used bottle (clean)

-       Rice or pasta

-       Decorations!

-       Cellotape

Fill your old bottle half-way with rice or pasta and cellotape the lid on tight. Decorate your bottle with anything you have at home (paint, paper, stickers etc). Turn your bottle upside down to hear your rainmaker work!

Painting with water- if you have a paintbrush dip it into a puddle or a pot of water and use it to write your name outside, if not try using your finger or another tool.  You could also paint a pattern using shapes. 

Play a phonics game- listen to the different weather sounds and identify what kind of weather it is.


Make yourself a telescope- Decorate a cardboard tube (toilet roll, kitchen towel roll etc).  You can use pens, pencils, stickers etc to decorate.  Take your telescope outside, maybe to the park.  Look through your telescope and make a list of what you see.

Listen to the story ‘Shark in the Park on a Windy Day https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R2RwvAHUAdc

What does Timothy Pope see in the park, is it a Shark in the park?  Talk to your adult and tell them what he really sees.

Watch the weather forecast on the TV-  Have a look outside each day and check the weather.  Is it rainy, sunny, windy or cold.  Keep a diary of the weather each day, this could be with drawings or words.

Listen to this song about thunder: https://www.topmarks.co.uk/Flash.aspx?bbc=iHearThunder

Learn the words and join in with the people singing on the video. Can you record yourself singing?

Clothes Peg letters- if you have clothes pegs you could make a home made peg name puzzle. Where you write the letters on a peg and the children match the letters to any writing they see around the house in books, magazines or you could even write their own name on a piece of paper and they can try to match it up. 
Counting game - Teddy Numbers
Have a go at dressing yourself!
Have a game of catch- This can be done inside or outside. You could use a bean bag or a teddy or a balled up pair of socks if you’d rather not have a ball in the house! 
Build a den using blankets or sheets.
Is and isn't! - Get a piece of paper and write is on one half and isn't on the other with a line in the middle. Then sort items to the correct side e.g. is blue, isn't blue, is 4 isn't 4 using whatever objects and toys in the house you can find!
Have a listen- Stand in the garden or near the window and listen…what can you hear?
Can you describe what you hear to you grown up?
Draw a picture of your face!
What features do you need? Can you add some colour? Can you draw the other people in your house? 
Make a salt dough rainbow 
Makes 1 ball of salt dough

Prep 10 minutes
Cook 3 hours

  • 1 cupful of plain flour (about 250g)

  • half a cupful of table salt (about 125g)
  • half a cupful of water (about 125ml)
Mix all of the ingredients in the recipe to make a ball of salt dough. Split it into 7 smaller balls then roll each ball into a sausage and bend them round to make a rainbow. Bake in the oven at the lowest possible temperature for about 3 hours or until it is hard and dry. When it is cool, paint your rainbow and display it in your window for everyone to see. Don't forget to send us a picture!
Here is a lovely video to help learn some of the different sounds. The sounds start at 35 seconds into the video. 
Useful Apps
Some great apps that can help with home learning. Most of these apps are free to download and use.
Duck Duck Moose Reading
Meet the number blocks
Duplo Town
123 Numbers
Cbeebies storytime
Cbeebies playtime
Teach your monster to read (this is a paid app, but is free on a desktop)
Letter fun (this is a paid app)
Daily Activities  
Play Hooray has many different activities that can be accessed and have new live videos every day. 
Maddie Moate from Cebeebies also has daily activities on her youtube channel.
A fun way to practice their name.
A fun way to practice their name.

In order for the games to work you will have to download the file. If you do not have powerpoint go through the answers with your child and maybe ask if they can think of any other words that rhyme.

Haniya has been working really hard at home with numbers, writing and making wonderful art!

Ruqayyah Has been working really hard at home on her numbers and sounds!

Varnika has been doing some wonderful art at home!

Sienna has been doing some amazing home learning!

Vinmayi has doe some wonderful work at home, and even made out salt dough rainbow!