Year 2

Summer Term

Year 2 get competitive!

In PE, Year 2 have been practising their striking and fielding skills.  Children have taken it in turns to play as a batter, striker and fielder.  We have developed a points scoring system where points are earned for running in an anti-clockwise direction around four bases.  Panther class have been working hard on these skills and decided they were ready to put their skills to the test by playing against another class...Tiger Class!

The children battled it out on a hot, sunny afternoon.  Both classes played amazingly well.  It was an afternoon of batting, fielding, striking, catching and scoring plenty of points!


In Science, Year 2 have been exploring things that are living, were living and have never lived.  We sorted objects into different groups.

We were also able to think of different objects that could belong to each of the categories.  We know that a frog is living because it moves, breathes and eats.  We know that our classroom door was once living when it was the trunk of a tree.  We also know that a vase has never lived as it cannot move, eat, breathe or grow.


We were able to think of things that are living, were living and have never lived and explain why each one belongs to that category.


Book Fair

We recently had a great time at the book fair.  There was a wide range of fiction and non-fiction books to look at and enjoy.  Each class got to join in a performance from a story teller.  They sang along with songs and were even able to try on traditional outfits and have a go at playing traditional instruments.  They particularly enjoyed hearing a tale about a sneaky tiger!  It was a fantastic experience and they were mesmerised.