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Hello and welcome to Nursery!

In Nursery we teach and learn through the children's interests. Each day we have 2 teaching sessions in our colour groups.  The first session focuses on an area of learning such as Communication and Language or Maths. The second session is at the end of the morning and is a phonic based session, where we learn a Nursery Rhyme,  teach a  'Letter and sounds'  activity and finish with a story.  The rest of the time is spent playing inside and outside. Children may take part in some individual and small group learning during their morning or afternoon sessions.  Activities and resources are based around the children's interests with adults supporting and developing the learning through play. 


In Nursery we use an online learning journal known as 'Target Tracker' which gives you a snapshot of what your child has been learning and which you can view on your phone, tablet or PC. You can also upload things your child does out of Nursery, such as a special event they have been to, a holiday they have been on or something that they have been doing at home. We love to see what the children have been doing.  

If you are yet to access Target Tracker please speak to a member of staff who will be able to help you on this matter.  If you don't have access to the internet you are more than welcome to pop into Nursery where we can show you your child's Target Tracker journal and what your child had been learning. 

Library day is a Friday. Please make sure you return your book to have it changed.

Autumn term 

 So we have all settled in now and are busy making friends and learning new things! We know where to put things and where to find them and how to sit in a group and listen to each other. We can all put our own coats on and some of us can even zip them up ourselves! We have played outside and inside and even joined the rest of the school for assembly and sang a Harvest song.


We have been learning lots of new things! We learnt how to bake some cakes. We used the scales and an egg to weigh our ingredients. Then we mixed it all up. The trickiest part was getting the mixture off the spoon. We then iced them and took them home to eat. Yum !!


Spring term

This term we have been learning 2 stories: Brown bear Brown Bear and 'The Runaway Chapatti'. Ask your child if they can retell you the story using the story map sent home.

 We learnt how to make some chapatti dough by mixing flour, oil , water and salt. We learnt some new words such as mix, knead, and dough and how to stretch it to make a chapatti shape.





Summer term

We have been learning lots of things this term. We learnt the story of 'The hungry caterpillar ' and then we changed the character and what it ate to make a new story. 

We also had health week. We made a fruit salad and learnt how to cut up fruit safely. Paul came to visit us and talked to us about how to be safe at crossing the road and why we must always wear a seat belt. We also had Nursery  Sports day , which was lots of fun. Mrs Ashmore, Mrs Wu and Mrs H said we were superstars! 

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When the book fayre came, we listened to a story and helped act it out. 


Went to visit Ash End Farm.  We fed the sheep, ducks and goats. We looked at the goats, pigs and sheep and got to stroke some chicks. We sung lots of Nursery rhymes to do with the farm and in the afternoon we got to have a play!

We had a great day! 

TALK 4 writing 

Our parents and careers came to learn about Talk 4 writing. We showed them how we had learnt the story of the Bear Hunt. Then we did lots of activities to do with the story such as making bear masks and drawing bears.