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Hello and welcome to Nursery!

In Nursery we teach and learn through the children's interests. Each day we have 2 teaching sessions in our colour groups.  The first session is a phonic based session, where we learn a Nursery Rhyme,  teach a  'Letter and sounds'  activity and finish with a story.The second session is at the end of the morning and focuses on an area of learning such as Communication and Language or Maths.   The rest of the time is spent playing inside and outside. Children may take part in some individual and small group learning during their morning or afternoon sessions.  Activities and resources are based around the children's interests with adults supporting and developing the learning through play. 


We use an online learning journal known as 'Target Tracker', which gives you a snapshot of what your child has been learning and which you can view on your phone, tablet or PC. You can also upload things your child does out of Nursery, such as a special event they have been to, a holiday they have been on or something that they have been doing at home. We love to see what the children have been doing.  

If you are yet to access Target Tracker please speak to a member of staff who will be able to help you on this matter.  If you don't have access to the internet you are more than welcome to pop into Nursery where we can show you your child's Target Tracker journal and what your child had been learning. 

Library day is a Friday. Please make sure you return your book to have it changed.

Summer Term

Welcome back to a new term and hello to our new children! We have got a busy term ahead and have already:

  • started learning a new Talk for Writing text called “Planting a Rainbow”
  • investigated daffodils in lots of different ways, such as painting, drawing and even making them out of old food packaging
  • thought about growing, in particular how plants, flowers and trees grow. We have done this through discussion, stories, songs, art and crafts, “gardening” inside and outside AND we are just about to plant our own seeds. I wonder what they will look like when they grow? Watch this space!


There’s lots of other things that we have been learning too. In Nursery, if a child is interested in something, we take time to talk to them about what they know about it- whatever it is! We try to set out games and activities all about the children’s interests. Please encourage your child to come in and tell an adult all about things they are excited about! One way we are finding out about things that are special to the children is through “Show and Tell”, which is just starting on Friday 27th April. Each child will get a letter at some point this term, telling them that it is their turn to bring something into school from home. They will then get the chance to share their special “thing” with their care group, talk about it if they want to and even answer questions from their friends and teachers. We will welcome everyone, in whatever way they choose to share their Show and Tell item, and make sure everyone feels happy that they have had a go. 



Show and Tell day is Friday

Library day is Friday

The Animal Man is coming to school on Friday 4th May

Nursery class photos on Thursday 10th May

Nursery Trip to Ash End Farm is Friday 29th June


 Book Fair

On Thursday 26th April, the Book Fair came to school. Thank you to all the parents who were able to come and share the experience with their child. Butterflies (morning children) and Spiders (afternoon children) were very well behaved while they listened to exciting stories told by the Book Fair storyteller. We did some singing too! Some children even got to dress up in special clothes. Here are some photos of the children on Book Fair day.